The average client has 30 life events!

Special event hair is in high demand!

Would you like to be that stylist? make people feel and look their best for their special events?

It is very rewarding, super fun but sometimes it can be a little scary! 

My updo system will show you how to Always know where to start! 

Learn communication tricks that guarantee she will like it when you're done! 

Master pinching and pulling techniques, get tons of pinning help, padding ideas, ponytail short cuts and sooo much more! 

By Learning the Updo System any fears you have will disappear! 

Ashley says, "Updos have always been something I am unsure of but your system made them much less scary."

How would it feel if anxiety was replaced by confidence?

  • Learn how to break down the photo with my simple steps

  • Learn empowering consultation questions that bring success

  • Develop confidence as the system works with you! 

  • Remaining in control of the appointment from the beginning!

  • Quickly access her hair and photo!

  • plus much more!

Things I'd like you to know

  • I've had a very successful career!

    My education is all about supporting you, your career and your personal growth! Did you know that updo success is 85% people skills and only 15% hair skills? Allow my 30 yrs of experience to fast track your success!

  • I am here for YOU!

    I know your arms get tired & your back aches! I've been there too as a stylist, owner, freelance & platform artist. As an educator & author I had to develop a system! Allow me to demystify updos for you!

  • Passion and flow

    Balance in life, work, & craft is possible. Yet, this art is emotionally draining! The updo system courses are great for learning new skills to boost your confidence plus help maintain balance, passion and flow.

Why Mannequin heads?

Some say it is not realistic teaching...

The updo system method of teaching addresses real issues with real clients that will put real money in your pocket! 

The client is always top of mind. It's about interpreting the photos into a look while equipping you with the confidence to give that something special they will come back for!

Sometimes the perfect model with the perfect hair can make the stylist think, "Well, sure if I had such a beautiful model with perfect hair"...

It can actually feel intimidating! Mannequin heads eliminate that while focusing on the process more than the perfection. 

My heads have all been prepared to teach specific things. Mid-length hair? Yes! Fine thin hair? Yes! Shorter with layers? Yes!  Super long hair? Yes! 

Finally... learn WHY certain steps are taken, not just HOW

WHY learning supports the brain for better recall. How-to tutorials are quickly forgotten!  

Let's do life with our clients! Allow me to take you beyond the tutorial with the Updo System!

What courses would you like to see?

Whether you have questions about any of my courses, feed back or suggestions, I'd love to hear from you!